Amazon Mobile View 3D Effect with 6 Cameras

Amazon will soon make a smart phone . Being the first mobile phone from the largest online retailer in the United States is seen in the photos shots BGR site .

The most prominent feature of this phone is made ​​by Amazon 3D display and mechanisms supporting software .

There are at least six cameras on mobile phones . The main camera with a resolution of 13 megapixels is located on the back side , while the front camera image capture function for video chat .

Well , apart from the two cameras , four cameras facing forward again and work in conjunction with other sensors to create 3D effects on a mobile Amazon .

The fourth camera was a low-power infrared cameras mounted in the corners of the device . They work by tracking the position of the user ‘s face and eyes from the phone screen .

It allows software perspective Amazon customize 3D objects on the screen to fit the user’s perspective . The result is a visualization display the 3D effect does not require special glasses to be enjoyed .

Because the 3D effect is a major differentiation from other products of this phone , Amazon tried to implement it in various ways, such as map software , bookstores and music stores . By changing the position of the mobile phone , the user will see the bus a 3D image of a product from various sides .

Amazon is also reportedly trying to embrace third-party application developers to participate utilize the 3D capabilities of this phone .

In terms of specs alone , the phone will carry Amazon mentioned Snapdragon processor , 2GB of RAM , 4.7 -inch screen resolution of 1,280 x 720 pixels , and the Android operating system is modified . In addition to this model , Amazon allegedly also preparing other cheaper phones .

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